2º Workshop

Videogames: Narrative, persuasion and creativity

Instructions are the same as for General Conference: check them here.

To upload an article to this Workshop, access the following link and, before the title of the contribution, place the code «WS_2»: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icomta22

Summary: The video game has become the most persuasive communication tool we have today. Therefore, its study from a communicative perspective is of great relevance. Listen, observe and investigate. As a videogame designer you must work from different points of view: from psychology to art, from programming to cinema, from fantasy to sketches. There is no perfect formula to design a video game, but you must keep in mind the 4 elements that are necessary to create it: mechanics, history, aesthetics and technology. This Workshop calls on the academic community to participate with their contributions on video games and gamification.



General Coordinator: Beatriz Legerén lago

Technical Coordinator: Vicente Badenes

Organizing Committee: Julinda Molares, Carmen López de Aguileta, Vicente Badenes, Javier Gayo

Scientific Committee: Marcos Antón, Mercedes Betegón, Michael Santorum, Antonio Pena, Enrique Costa Montenegro, Jaime Martínez Barahona, Julinda Molares, Carmen López de Aguileta, Vicente Badenes, Javier Gayo, Beatriz Legerén, Olaia Ferrando, Luis Emilio Fernández.