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¡Remember! Upload the full article.

Papers can be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

ENGLISH. Articles submitted in English may be submitted to one of these two collections:

  • First, to Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, indexed in Scopus (see Instructions for Authors on the Springer website). You can also download this template. These articles must be included in the topics of the collection (see here), focused on information systems and technologies, as well as their influence on communication and/or social sciences. The maximum is 10 pages and extra pages will not be allowed. They will be sent to the Atlantis Press collections after 10 pages. Articles in English, once approved for publication in the SIST series, must be accompanied by a publication consent.
  • Second, to Atlantis Press, Atlantis Highlights in Social Sciences, Education and Humanities series, indexed in CPCI (part of Clarivate’s Web of Science). You can download the template here. The maximum is 12 pages. The maximum is 12 pages. The papers for this collection will be those empirical studies oriented to Communication, Political Science, Sociology or the set of Social Sciences from a more traditional vision or where technology is understood as a conjunctural factor.

The organization of the event will decide where the papers will be published in English based on the topics covered.

SPANISH OR PORTUGUESE. Articles submitted in Spanish or Portuguese will have an extension of 4,500 to 5,500 words. They will be sent to the Tirant Lo Blanch publishing house (number 1 of the SPI). All images or graphics included in the articles must necessarily include a source. Preferably, the IMRyD model (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion + Conclusions <optional section>) will be followed. The references will be cited from the standard of the APA Standards 7th edition. All style instructions can be downloaded in this template.

In the three cases, they must not have been previously published, not be under review for any other conference or publication, and not include any information that would lead to the identification of the authors. Therefore, the names of the authors, affiliations and e-mails should not be included in the version for evaluation by the Scientific Committee and in the first version they should be sent in PDF to the conference management system. This information should only be included in the final version of the accepted articles, saved in Word. These files must be uploaded to the conference management system in a ZIP file.

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