Lodgement and transport


Cuenca has a wide range of options in terms of its hotels, which can be from Bed & Breakfast to luxury hotels.

Hotel suggestions (with their respective restaurants) will be presented below, along with their contact information for making reservations for different types of rooms. These will receive attendees to ICOMTA 2022 and will offer discounts during the days of the Congress.

To access more hosting options: https://www.booking.com/ 

(Includes offer of tourist and cultural activities: in Cuenca, Ingapirca and El Cajas National Park. Visit to the Museum of Aboriginal Cultures)

  • Raymipamba
    • Raymipamba Hotel: www.raymipampa.com, phone: (07) 2840674
    • San Andrés Hotel by Raymipamba: phone: (07) 2850039
    • Raymipampa Restaurant: phone: (07) 2834159


Cuenca is a small city. Therefore, mobilization within it is quite easy and agile. The main recommended options are taxis and the tram.